Can you keep up with the changing security landscape?

Do you always wish you had the time to attend a conference or wish you could receive more information about a conference? Do you know what you are missing by not getting this information?

What is Conference Watch?

Conference Watch will provide you with a comprehensive report on what has occurred at an important conference. We might not always go to the conference but we will research the topics and give you access to our research. Not only will we provide important information but we will delve into the topic a bit deeper and provide you with other areas of information, books by the speaker, websites etc.

For example the recent 2017 ASIAL Security Exhibition & Conference was probably the most successful event in the show’s 30 year history; around 6,000 security industry professionals converged over three days at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour in July. The world-class conference programme comprised many security experts from around the world.

As a security industry professional you cannot miss these important releases of information. SINZ Chairman Chris Lawton attended the conference and will bring this all to you over the following months. This information is available to members only. The intent is to be informative and support professional development.

Check the events page for the conferences or events that are available this year for professional and academic advancement.