Welcome to the first course you will do on protecting crowded places from attack. An attack can come in many ways and we have seen some of these in other parts of the world, as well as in our own country. Everyone has a role to play in keeping crowded places safe, whether they are government officials, owners and operators of crowded places, community organisers, security personnel and even members of the public.

As a security officer you will have been employed and rostered to attend events and places deemed to be crowded places. You are therefore at the sharp end of being able to prevent an attack, or identify and report an attack so that levels of injuries and harm can be reduced.

This course is free for you. You may also use it regularly for refresher training prior to working at an event.Your presence and ability in keeping people safe are recognised by Police and everybody else involved in keeping people safe. Your efforts in gaining this important knowledge and successful completion is appreciated. If you want more training, watch out for our next level course.

Once you have completed the course, don’t forget to download the certificate of completion and show it to your employer, clients, family and friends.