The Protective Security Requirements (the PSR) outlines the ‘best practise’ for security governance and for personnel, information, and physical security. The PSR is a policy framework that sets out what your organisation should do to manage security effectively. It also contains best practice guidance you should consider following. The PSR is suitable for both public and private sector organisations. Effective security enables New Zealand organisations to work together securely in an environment of trust and confidence. Protecting your people, information, and assets helps your organisation to meet its strategic and operational objectives.

In 2018 the NZ Government introduced the Protective Security Requirements which mandated all government agencies as follows:

‘In a diverse and complex threat landscape, it is important that government departments (and other businesses and organisations) have systems in place to reduce their vulnerabilities. Threats may include violence against staff, criminal damage against departmental property, significant fraud, theft of information and cyber security issues’.

As a leading security consultant and proponent of the PSR in this country over many years I believe that the effort you put into embedding the PSR into your organisation or business, where possible and appropriate, will help you manage security successfully. Chris Lawton SINZ Chair.

Join us for our free webinar series on the Protective Security Requirements. For these webinars, we have moderated some terminology to make it more suitable to business owners and security practitioners and managers to understand. However, this is also suitable for security managers operating the government agencies. The series not only covers the PSR basics, but also gives you examples of the practical application of the PSR.

Module One [6th October 2022]

  • Overview of the Protective Security Requirements
  • Protective Security Governance, Leadership and Culture
  • Best practice: Planning, Policy and procedures

Module Two [10th November 2022]

  • Personnel security
  • Physical security
  • Information security

Module Three [8th December 2022]

  • Assessing your security maturity
  • Self assessment and reporting

Webinar will be held at 10 am on the days indicated above. Email if you wish to attend the free webinar.