The Security Institute of New Zealand (SINZ)

The Security Institute of New Zealand (SINZ) is dedicated to supporting organisations, associations, businesses and individuals of New Zealand to maintain a safe and secure environment in which people in New Zealand can go about their daily activities safely and securely.

It does this by providing dynamic and professional leadership, supporting the security sector in ensuring that the iindustry is informed, professional and practises are based on current knowledge and best practice.

SINZ focuses on the professional and academic development of all security personnel (including community volunteers) and security professionals across New Zealand.

 SINZ promotes operating standards within the security industry as well as safeguarding the public interest and promoting the security industry sector to the government, local bodies, public, clients and customers. The intention is to become a Peak Body for the New Zealand security industry. 

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide a credible organisation that provides leadership, represents and supports all who provide security services across the entire spectrum of the sector.


SINZ membership is available to all security personnel, security companies, community organisations and groups and those with an interest in the security sector.

We do not believe that representation can be truly considered fair unless everyone is represented and has an equal opportunity for membership.

Basic membership is free to everybody and currently free to all security companies. 

Our organisation has commenced a journey. It is a work in progress, driven by security professionals in a collaborative and supportive environment.  Join us now and start on a pathway that will help maintain New Zealand as a safe and secure country to live and do business in.