Neighbourhood Support is a nationwide community-led movement that brings people and neighbourhoods together to create safe, resilient and connected communities.  ​

We are a registered charity and since 1999 we have been working alongside New Zealand Police and other partners to equip neighbourhoods to improve safety, be prepared for emergencies and support one another so that our communities are great places to live.​

As a network of Neighbourhood Support community organisations, our members span all 12 Police Districts and currently support over 200,000 households and counting across the country.

Being involved in Neighbourhood Support comes in many shapes and forms.

You could meet regularly or as needed, stay connected online or by email, host barbecues or events, volunteer to be a street contact, undertake some neighbourhood projects, or even start your own group.


“We believe in a New Zealand where all people can feel safe in their own communities, know their neighbours, and be prepared for whatever Papatūānuku or life throws our way.”

Why Join?

A well-connected community helps to improve the safety, resilience and well-being of all residents. When you join a Neighbourhood Support group you will:​

  • Have a great way to get to know the people that live around you.​
  • Receive emails and alerts that will keep you up-to-date with news from our community partners, including New Zealand Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, and the National Emergency Management Agency.
  • Gain tips and resources to improve your household and neighbourhood safety.
  • Learn how you can be better prepared for emergencies.​

By working together we can support each other, solve local issues and make our neighbourhoods safer and more welcoming.

Best of all, it’s FREE to join!

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