Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) is a national organisation that was formed in 2002. CPNZ is funded at a National level by the New Zealand Government, with the CPNZ National Office being based at Police National Headquarters in the National Prevention Centre. The CPNZ National Office supports over 5,000 volunteers in over 170 affiliated Community Patrols throughout New Zealand.

Community Patrols are organised and operated by their local communities and raise their annual operating expenses through local grants, sponsorship and donations. Each Patrol caters to the needs of its local community, Patrolling where and when best supports the local Police and the local community. 

In partnership with others, we prevent crime and reduce harm through the active presence of trained patrollers. CPNZ’s vision is a New Zealand where everyone feels safe and therefore our volunteers work closely with Police as extra “eyes and ears” through intelligence gathering, observation and reporting to assist Police and other agencies to build safer communities.

Community Patrols are independent from the Police but receive regular Police guidance, training and tasking.

National Structure

A Trust Board provides governance and carries out the management of the organisation. The CPNZ office is situated within the New Zealand Police Headquarters building, sitting alongside Police community support personnel.

CPNZ has District Support Teams for each of its 12 districts which are aligned with the Police geographical areas.

Strategic Partnerships

While CPNZ works alongside many other community organisations, both volunteer and professional, our key strategic alliance that makes CPNZ a credible and successful national organisation is the Police.


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