The Black Widow
How One Woman Got Justice for Her Murdered Brother
By Lee-Anne Cartier

The Black Widow almost got away with murder. But then her sister-in-law became suspicious…
The infamous Black Widow case shocked the nation. An average-looking suburban housewife carefully staged her husband’s ‘suicide’. At first it looked like she might get away with murder, but then her sister-in-law, Lee-Anne Cartier, became suspicious and started gathering evidence and presenting it to the police. Unfortunately they didn’t believe it was enough to get a conviction and signed the death off as suicide. Lee-Anne then drove the case at the inquest and a finding of ‘No proof of suicide’ was pivotal in getting the police to reopen the case. Helen Milner, who became known as the Black Widow, was eventually convicted of murder and is now serving out her sentence in Arohata Prison. This book tells how Lee-Anne persevered and put together many strands of information to crack the case wide open.

Protecting Key People
By Carlton Ruffell CPP, PSP.

The author, Carlton Ruffell looks at the risks specific to new Zealanders. He provides a strategic framework for thinking about risks to people and gives realistic advice on how to create security through the smart use of education, training and existing resources. Find out who should be protected, to what level, and how security can create ‘win,win’ solutions for both the threatener and the victim.

Practical advice includes office, home and travel security, mail screening, dealing with difficult customers and the advantages and disadvantages of prosecuting threateners. It provides a framework for New Zealanders considering information security, crime, the fixated and isse motivated groups.

‘This book is about the protection of people in New Zealand, whether high risk or high net worth individuals or members of the public who face harassment or threats from those known as ‘stalkers’. . How families and organizations value and protect personal capital. The book is a good read from someone who has spent many years operating in this specific field of security. The book is a good read particularly for those who have a need for knowledge on the personal protection field.

Behind the Tape
By Lance Burdett

During Lance Burdette’s 22 years in the New Zealand Police he operated as one of the Police’s top crisis negotiators. He worked as the head negotiator on the Jan Molenaar case (Napier siege) and other well known New Zealand cases.

Lance owns and runs WARN International, he focusses on presenting on managing challenging people and situations, crisis intervention and on reducing personal stress. He has a Master of Arts Degree, majoring in Terrorism, Safety and Security.

His book is a great read for anyone wanting to know more about life as a New Zealand Police officer.

Effective Security Management
By Charles A. Sennewald

This book, now in its 6th edition is a complete reference on security management in one book. It is well presented, easy to understand and provides a very good introduction to security management for all security personnel. Sennewald also looks at security mismanagement giving the reader some examples which I am sure those already in security management will recognise.

The 6th edition includes more recent information on technology items (computers, smartphones etc) however anyone reading earlier editions, particularly the 5th edition published in 2011 will be pleased with the way it is written and the information that is included.

This book is often used by tutors in the security management field as a mandatory text. It has traditionally forms part of mandatory reading for those sitting the ASIS International CPP exam.

New Zealand National Security: Challenges, trends and issues
Edited by William Hoverd, Nick Neslon and Carl Bradley 
New Zealand faces a range of serious security challengees in a globalised world — are we prepared for them?
In an interrelated and increasingly complex, dynamic and globalised security environment, New Zealand faces a range of complex and multifaceted non-traditional threats. They range from trade insecurity to terrorism and transnational crime, disputes over the control and exploitation of resources, and tensions linked to ideological, cultural and religious differences. The volume’s contributors include local and international academics alongside experts who have extensive New Zealand security-sector expertise in defence, diplomacy, national security coordination, intelligence, policing, trade security and border
New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues situates New Zealand within its broader political and regional security context and the various great and minor power tensions occurring within the Asia Pacific and South Pacific regions. It looks at how to protect New Zealand’s border and the zones where its interests meet the world; it examines alternative ways of thinking and doing New Zealand’s national security; and it looks at looming national security questions. It aims to provide New Zealanders with a critical awareness of the various salient security trends, challenges and opportunities to initiate a ‘whole of society’ discussion of security.

Daughter of Gloriavale – My Life in a Religious Cult

By Lilia Tarawa
In this personal account, Lilia Tarawa exposes the shocking secrets of the cult, with its rigid rules and oppressive control of women. She describes her fear when her family questioned Gloriavale’s beliefs and practices. When her parents fled with their children, Lilia was forced to make a desperate choice: to stay or to leave. No matter what she chose, she would lose people she loved. In the outside world, Lilia struggled. Would she be damned to hell for leaving? How would she learn to navigate this strange place called ‘the world’? And would she ever find out the truth about the criminal convictions against her grandfather?

The Operational Safety Handbook – Principles, concepts & guidelines for the tactical environment

By Richard Kay
This is one of the latest and better books to come out of the Australian security industry. Written by a veteran of the industry and a training and tactical specialist, this book provides valuable insights into operational safety for security operators. I put my own defensible tactics trainers through the author’s courses both in New Zealand and in Australia.
‘Rich goes to great lengths to assess, evaluate and incorporate only the most solid, scientifically researched and physically proven techniques and principles, discarding anything that fails to withstand the rigorous scrutiny and testing of real world confrontations’…..John Bigelow, Editor Security Solutions Magazine