SINZ will soon offer an audit for those companies that wish to go through the process as we believe there should be a system available to everyone.  It is recognised that many security professionals and security companies are competent and provide services to a high standard.

The audit process should be;

  •  Available at an affordable and appropriate price
  • Available to everyone in the security industry
  • Transparent and non invasive
  • Robust, credible and with a high standard of integrity
  • Agreed upon by the wider security industry
  • Carried out by qualified and appropriate auditors 

The Security Institute of New Zealand is calling for security professionals to become involved in a working group to establish Codes of Practice for the entire New Zealand security industry alongside the development of an approved audit process available to everyone.

If you are interested in being part of the group or having some input please message me at

Proposed SINZ audits will;

  • Be freely available self auditing documents prepared by security professionals on a collaborative basis
  • Supportive & provide direction for improvement
  • Provide support from professional consultants to achieve audit standards

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